Be Smart Respect Your Organs!

As I am preparing for this Physique competition I will be sharing what I am doing over the weeks and months. I have been studying diet and exercise for over 40 years now. I am still alive and healthy. I have made mistakes in my past when it comes to the nutritional journey and unfortunately I see younger people making the same mistakes. I lived through it all. Whenever I am preparing to change my nutritional plan the first thing I am thinking of is my internal organs. How they will be affected. This is something not too many do, for they only think of how they look on the outside. Loosing weight is not the goal here. My goal is to come in lean and HEALTHY. I will not step on a scale or try to fit into a size 4. The two most damaged organs in this industry are the liver and the heart. This does not only occur in the fitness industry anymore. Many average people are using these "KETO" type diets and getting themselves into trouble as well. More later.

My body is my canvas

My food is my paint

The irons I pump
are my sculpting tools

My posing suit
frames the end result

Living art