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A Time to Replenish

My beautiful vacation in Mexico

"Fuego" rooftop pool.

At 58 years of age it was time to take a break and go on my very first vacation. It is hard to describe, but as an artist, the feeling of being drained every day sometimes gets a bit scary. What if I have nothing left in me to bring out in a creative manner?

My husband, "The Captain" and I both needed a break from the norm, so we escaped to a beautiful place in Cancun called Xcaret. We had a full 7 days and two half days of all that is peaceful, and very wet. Pools everywhere.

Eating and swimming was really my agenda, which I did achieve. What I did not expect was the inspiration this place gave me. Everywhere I looked there were textures and colors.

My husband and I checking into the exclusive "Fuego" hospitality.

This river is magical with caves all along the way.

The stunning caves with magical Mayan energy.

Green juice every morning.

Iguana's everywhere feeding off the insects.

This is the front of the room that goes out to a huge swimming pool.

Lava rock, white sand, and sea foliage.


It's all about color and texture.