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We now have free shipping on website orders of $50 or more in the US, and website orders of $100 or more from the rest of the world.

One of a Kind Competition Suits Available For Sale

I have a new page on the website with pictures and descriptions of one of a kind competition suits available for sale. Check it out. I'll be making frequent updates to it.


The shop will be closed from May 6th through the 14th. Orders placed on or after May 1st will not be started until May 15th.

Custom Competition Suits

Ready-to-wear Competition Suits

Practice Posing Suits

Athletic Wear

Athletic Wear
Athletic Wear
Affordable clothing to wear for exercise.

Learn How to Wash Your Suit

One of the great benefits of a Merry Christine Bodywear suit is that it can be washed.

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Congratulations to Adrienne Hunter

It’s a Small World

One of the highlights of the Washington State Ironman Natural Bodybuilding Championships weekend.

My body is my canvas
My food is my paint
The irons I pump are my sculpting tools
My posing suit frames the end result

Living art